Redheads. Que? REDHEADS!!

Let me ask you all something….have you ever watched the show Strawberry Shortcake?  You know, that annoying little girl running around downing sugar like it’s water?  Well…have you ever watched it in Spanish?  If you’re ever having trouble sleeping, I recommend this.  That stuff puts me to sleep faster than having a discussion about my dad’s day at work.  This little girl is nuts, and has a really annoying voice.  It’s so horrible that it stresses me out, and immediately puts me to sleep.  It’s people like this that give us redheads a bad name.

Isn't it time for your show to be off the air?

Along with:

Carrot Top....that one hurt us.

And of course...Chucky.

I’m tired of all these crazy redheads all over the place.  Luckily we have some good ones, like Nicole Kidman, and uh…those other ones.  I like being a redhead, and I like being a ginger.  But it’s no easy task with these fools.

As for my next topic, I think there is something we all need to work on.  I don’t mean just Americans, or just the Spanish….I mean everyone…as an Earthling.  Here is an important fact that you may or may not know: An understanding of a foreign language does NOT change when the person speaking changes the volume of their voice. This reminds me of that Friends episode when Ross brings Julie home from China, and Rachel’s waiting at the gate and then shouts “WELCOME TO OUR COUNTRY” and Julie responds, “Thanks…I’m from NEW YORK.”

I’ve seen this happen in the States, we see it on TV like I mentioned, or in movies.  But you know what?  It’s here too.  I’m guessing this is a worldwide epidemic.  Here’s some examples:

  • Whenever Alice needs to tell Carlos or Eva something “serious”, she tends to whisper to them.  I can tell it’s serious by the tone of her voice compared to when she normally speaks.  And it’s usually something about the kids…they left their toys everywhere so Alice couldn’t vacuum…things like that.  Let me be clear:  I only know this because Carlos or Eva will translate for me later. But I’ll be chatting with my host parents, and with this serious look on her face Alice comes over to talk to them.  She takes one look at me, then leans in toward them and whispers whatever the important information is.  All I want to do is yell “ALICE!  I have cannot understand a damn word you’re saying!”
  • Next.  Often in Madrid I may need some help with directions, buying tickets for this and that, or I’ll need someone to break a large bill for me…little things.  I’ll start by asking someone if they speak English.  And let me tell you…they ALWAYS say no.  I’ve come across a few people that say no, but then we have a normal conversation with no confuston.  Anyhoo, most of the time, their English isn’t so great.  And that’s fine…I’m the foreigner here.  But what I’ll do is say a vocab word or two in hopes they’ll know how to say a vocab word or to back, in English, in order for me to get the help I need.  What normally happens is they’ll say something back to me, I’ll say I don’t understand.  So they’ll repeat the exact same thing, about 50 decibals higher.  Most of the time they also add a smile and/or laughter the second time around.  All I want to say is “Sir, no matter what the volume of your voice is or what kind of mood you’re in, I still won’t understand you.”  But that won’t work, because he doesn’t understand me either.  So I’ll just try yelling it.  Makes sense, eh?

Tonight when we were putting the kids to bed, I learned about Gonzalo’s “special kiss” he gives to his mom before going to bed.  This is supposedly some sacred kind of thing that I should be jealous of.  I’ve been hearing about it for days.  But tonight, I witnessed it first hand.  Here is the order operations for this list:

  1. Gonzalo opens mouth.
  2. Gonzalo sticks out tongue.
  3. Gonzalo licks Eva’s entire cheek.

Umm….yeah.  Needless to say, I was a bit horrified.  I tried to play the jealous role as best I could, but I’m thinking my skill level was similar to Jennifer Love Hewitt’s in I Still Know What You Tried To Do Two Summers Ago. So as far as I’m concerned….I don’t need the “special kiss”.

Tomorrow’s plan: Go into Madrid to watch the futball match.  I’m actually really into it….I figure this is karma paying me back for the whole KU vs. UNI incident.  Spain has never made it this far…so we’ll see what happens.

I would like to thank my grandmother and Kat for the lovely mail I got today… made my day!  I got some pictures from my grandma and a really cute headband and ring from Kat.  So…muchas gracias!!!!

Also, Happy Birthday Bob!  I hope everyone is having fun at the lake.

That’s all for today.  Ciao!


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